Environmental and Sustainability Policy

This document is the Environmental and Sustainability Policy of the National Jazz Archive and is available to the public via our website.

The purpose of this policy is to show how the Archive will help protect the natural environment and promote sustainable practices. This includes a framework of actions and sets out our environmental directions, intentions and values.


Continuous Improvement & Reporting

At The National Jazz Archive, we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance. We set annual objectives and targets to achieve this, and publish a sustainability progress report within our Annual Report and Accounts.


Environmental Management System

We strive to prevent pollution and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and waste streams associated with our activities. We recognise the importance of an internal environmental management system and understand that its success is dependent on the involvement of employees, volunteers and contractors.

We will take all reasonable action to provide timely environmental awareness training and supply related and relevant information to all those working for the National Jazz Archive.


Action Plan

In addressing this Environmental and Sustainability Policy The National Jazz Archive will:



The responsibility for defining and authorising the Environmental and Sustainability policy of the National Jazz Archive is with the Board of Trustees. Management of all related activities in accordance with this policy and reporting to the Board of Trustees of progress against related objectives and targets is the responsibility of the Operations Manager.



This policy statement will be reviewed and potentially amended by the Board of Trustees at intervals of no longer than three years. This is to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation of the National Jazz Archive.

This policy was authorised at Issue 1.0 by the Board of Trustees on 14 August 2023.


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