Equality, diversity & inclusion policy

This document sets out the equality, diversity and inclusion policy of the National Jazz Archive (the Archive).

This policy applies to all objects of the Archive and to all our stakeholders. It seeks to protect anyone engaging with the Archive from unlawful discrimination and aims to ensure that it is an exemplar of best practice.


Statement of diversity

We seek to ensure that our organisation, the holdings we acquire, preserve and manage,

our activities and the stakeholders who we work with and serve

reflect the diversity of our society.



We have used the following definitions throughout this policy



The Archive is a charity based in England whose activities are defined by its Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) objects. This includes:


About our policy

The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate the Archive’s commitment and to define our approach to eliminating discrimination and encouraging and valuing diversity among our collections and stakeholders. It recognises that there are areas where the Archive may fall short, and that action is needed to address any shortcomings.

We recognise our responsibilities under equality legislation and are committed to meeting them in full. We believe that a culture that embraces equality, and values diversity, will help us to ensure that everyone feels involved and included in our plans, programmes, activities and the archive we maintain.

We aim to create an environment that respects and welcomes everyone, and in which no form of bullying, harassment, disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour is tolerated by anyone towards anyone. This particularly applies in relation to the ‘protected characteristics’ named in the Equality Act 2010: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.


Our aims

In carrying out our function as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, the Archive is committed to promoting equality of opportunity, and ensuring that no individual or group of individuals is discriminated against in the planning and delivery of our activities.

In meeting this commitment, we aim to:

  1. Ensure that the values of equality, diversity and respect for all are embedded into everything we do.
  2. Foster diverse and inclusive archives, curations, collections and researcher access.
  3. Select, arrange, preserve, use descriptions and publish materials that raise awareness of diversity.
  4. Sensitively reflect the culture, concerns and beliefs of any people represented.
  5. Increase the instances of previously unrepresented or under-represented people previously absent from historical record.
  6. Represent members of all communities using their chosen names and pronouns.
  7. Ensure that our services and activities are relevant and accessible to all.
  8. Use accessible venues for all activities
  9. Use plain English, and offer accessible communications as far as is reasonable.


Our responsibilities

The Archive has a special responsibility as an archive to collect and provide access to material that represents our diverse communities.

This policy needs to be made understandable to, and embraced by, all stakeholders.

This policy is subject to agreement by the Archive trustees. The trustees have overall responsibility for identifying those areas where the Archive may fall short in the aims of this policy, and for being proactive in taking steps to address those shortcomings.

All stakeholders have a responsibility to ensure that their own language and actions are consistent with the spirit and content of this policy.


Our Commitments

The Archive trustees recognise that an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy alone is not enough to achieve positive change.

We seek to create an environment in which the diversity of our material and the contribution of all stakeholders are recognised and valued. We aim to be an example of best practice in terms of equality, inclusivity, diversity and promoting cohesion which will benefit and earn the respect of all communities, other archives, and all those interested in the past, present and future of jazz and related music.

To ensure that we are meeting the spirit of this policy the trustees will:


Review and action

The trustees will review this policy at least every 3 years, unless there is a significant change in relevant legislation that requires an earlier review.

The outcome of this review will be recorded and any required changes will be made and the policy re-issued and published on the National Jazz Archive website.


This policy was reviewed at Issue 1.0 by the board of trustees on 25 October 2021.


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