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We hold a diverse range of material which doesn’t fit easily into any of the other categories.  For convenience we classify this as ephemera. It includes true throwaway items, such as tickets and flyers.  It also includes letters, autograph books and a small collection of iconic objects. The British Institute of Jazz Studies collection (to be housed in our satellite collection in Birmingham) includes postcards, cigarette cards and adverts.

Much of our ephemera collection is unique. Some is powerfully evocative, for example letters or the autographs of jazz icons, collected by their passionate fans.

A handful of such items have been digitised and can be viewed here. Brief additional details are provided, including links to related collections, so you can widen your search.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the images displayed on our website are done so fairly, and not in breach of copyright. If you do not believe this to be the case, please contact us.

Due to copyright restrictions, some digitised items cannot be viewed over the internet: these are indicated by the National Jazz Archive logo. However, you can view them online by visiting the Archive. To arrange a visit call 0208 502 4701, email or use our contact form provided here.