Joe Daniels

Joe Daniels

As well as the many photographs, books, programmes, journals, posters and letters that get donated to the Archive as part of jazz collections, we also have some jazz related objects donated. One of these jazz related objects donated to the Archive by Joe Daniels is this trick drum. The drummer constructed this wooden bass drum, with a painting of a chicken on, which was capable of laying eggs from a secret door in the drum!

During his act and playing "chick, chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me" the drum would lay an egg.

These pictures should give you a sense of how this bizarre contraption worked. This is undoubtedly an object that could only come from a truly creative mind.

Joe Daniels (1908-2003) was a South African born, but British based drummer and bandleader. He started playing drums aged 11 and as a teenager worked with a number bands on the London club scene. Daniels formed his own band with trumpeter Max Goldberg in 1926. He also played with Fred Elizalde, Al Tabor, Billy Mason and Harry Roy. In 1935, he started recording as "Joe Daniel & His Hot Shots" and developed his ‘Drumnasticks’ style, using drum features to captivate and entertain his audiences.

You can check out the drum at the Archive.

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