The Tim Dickeson collection

Photographer Tim DickesonThe National Jazz Archive is excited to be able to share its latest online photographic collection from music photographer and journalist Tim Dickeson.

Working as a photographer for nearly 40 years, Tim Dickeson started as a music journalist taking pictures of rock artists. He then moved on to combine his two loves of travel and jazz by specialising in the photography of international jazz festivals. He also established the jazz record label Edition Records with pianist Dave Stapleton.

The Tim Dickeson collection is a gallery of colour images from mainly European jazz festivals. Focusing on the artist on stage, it showcases the joy, informality and excitement of festival performances and features a wide array of international musicians.

'Incredible musicians deserve incredible photography - Tim Dickeson captures the essence of live music in all his work' - Jazzwise Magazine.

Enjoy the collection of Tim Dickeson's photographs and explore other photograph collections of the National Jazz Archive available to view online.

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