Our Board of Trustees

The National Jazz Archive was founded by Deed of Trust and was reconstituted as a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in August 2021. The Archive benefits from a Board with a wide range of relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

The Trustees are all unpaid volunteers and meet regularly through the year.  They are responsible for the good governance of the Archive and making sure the aims of its mission are achieved.

The expertise provided by our Board includes

The Trustees act in accordance with Government guidance, including

Profiles of our individual Trustees can be found by clicking the photographs or names below.


  Mark Kass  
  Mark Kass  
Martin Anstell Pedro Cravinho Vic Hobson
Martin Astell Pedro Cravinho Vic Hobson
Paul Kaufman Andy Linehan Corey Mwamba
Paul Kaufman Andy Linehan Corey Mwamba
Ellie Pridgeon Christine Tackley Tim Wall
Ellie Pridgeon Catherine Tackley Tim Wall