Meet the Patrons of the National Jazz Archive

The National Jazz Archive is proud to have the following Patrons and is grateful to them for supporting and adding weight to the work and aims of the Archive.

Our Patrons help the Archive by publicly supporting our campaigns as well as promoting and attending fund-raising and other significant Archive events. They are well know in the fields of Jazz performance, music journalism, photography, politics and broadcasting.

Many of our Patrons are performers who have been at the forefront of jazz development in the UK and who are still delighting audiences today. Biographies of all our Patrons can be found by clicking the photographs or names of the Patrons below.


John Altman playing the soprano saxophone Baroness Amos Liane Carroll sitting by the piano during a concert
John Altman Baroness Amos Liane Carroll
Deidre Cartwright playing the guitar during a concert Colour photograph of Snowboy holding up his hand Gary Crosby playing the upright bass
Deidre Cartwright Mark 'Snowboy' Cotgrove Gary Crosby
Digby Fairweather playing the cornet Paul Jones smiling Soweto Kinch holding his saxophone in front of a wall
Digby Fairweather Paul Jones Soweto Kinch
Cleo Lane smiling with her hand resting on her face Head and Shoulder image of Jon Newey resting on his drums Profile of Stuart Nicholson smiling and resting his hand against his face
Dame Cleo Laine Jon Newey Professor Stuart Nicholson
Head and shoulders monochrome image of Chris Philips Courtney Pine playing his saxophone Monochrome picture of John Prescott
Chris Philips Courtney Pine The Lord Prescott
Colour photograph of Fiona Ross Clare Teal smiling Kate Westbrook
Fiona Ross Clare Teal Kate Westbrook
Mike Westbrook Val Wilmer Colour head and shoulder photograph of Roger Wilson
Mike Westbrook Val Wilmer Roger Wilson



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