Putting jazz stories into print

Posted on 28th Jun 2020 by John Rosie

There are over 4,500 books in the National Jazz Archive. This shows that any new jazz book faces a lot of competition. When I started to publish books about jazz I was given some good advice by a retired accountant from a publishing firm: ‘publishing is a good way to turn a large fortune into a small one’. There was no large fortune to worry about so that did not seem to be a problem. He als …

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'Not a good sound, a weak staccato ...'

Posted on 28th May 2020 by John Rosie

National Jazz Archive volunteer, and former Trustee, John Dale makes a personal search for material in the Archive about Benny Goodman. I’m a jazz enthusiast who collects 78rpm records and I’m also learning to play the clarinet. A not unnatural consequence is that I have more records by Benny Goodman than by any other artist, closely followed by Artie Shaw. Both were prolific recording artis …

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